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Looking to trade a trade heracronite for pinsirite

#1mochicheru99913Posted 8/16/2014 6:35:49 AM
Anyone willing to trade a heracronite for pinsirite? I don't have any shinies or legendaries but I can trade a female heracross with guts ability naughty nature, 5 perfect ivs (all except sp atck) no evs but level 18 (day care). I have other pokemon with at least 5 perfect ivs if you prefer something else, so let me know if you're interested by replying to this board please and we can work something out :)
#2Ink_DropletsPosted 8/16/2014 6:37:28 AM
One: you should go to the trade board for this stuff.

Two: this is called a thread, not a board.
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#3mochicheru99913(Topic Creator)Posted 8/16/2014 6:41:46 AM
I did, it keeps directing me here from my phone. Want to give me the link?
#4Ink_DropletsPosted 8/16/2014 6:44:50 AM
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