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Wonder trade makes me feel like a terrible person

#1Stanemac12Posted 8/16/2014 3:26:53 PM
I always try to give away something respectable in wonder trade, almost always its breeding leftovers (3-5 IV, egg moves, nature, good stuff) but I'll often get trash pokes in return which is fine and all. The thing is I don't want this stuff (route 2 junk) so I just offer it right back up to get rid of it.

Well today I offer up one of these things I got, a bunnelby or something and the guy sends me in return a shiny eevee. Now I just feel terrible because I would have loved to at least give him a breeject for his kindness but now I look like some filthy freeloader because some guy had to give me a bunnelby.

Now I feel bad :(
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#2john150bacardiPosted 8/16/2014 3:31:26 PM
You shouldn't, the person who gave you that Crapnnelby should feel bad.
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