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Good Mega Mawile nicknames?

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User Info: itrainpokemon

2 years ago#31
Pokemon guy
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User Info: GGuitarGuy95

2 years ago#32
Cick Dhomper :)

User Info: Jaricko

2 years ago#33
TalesOfXAndY posted...

Mawile is the exact opposite of that. Its cute and appealing to look at to lure you in before it sinks its teeth into you.
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User Info: ZeldaTPLink

2 years ago#34
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User Info: cyl26

2 years ago#35

User Info: Wendys_Kitsuke

2 years ago#36
Orbon if male
Titania if female
Puck gender neutral.
Truth Bite lol just look up the manga We Shadows by Sonny Strait.
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User Info: Asphyxiia

2 years ago#37
Mawile Cyrus
Hey man.

User Info: Ecclesiastes273

2 years ago#38
Not naming your Mega Mawile *~Princess~*.

What is this topic doing.
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User Info: kingoffrost4

2 years ago#39
titania if it is female.
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User Info: OfficerVi

2 years ago#40
Mine are always named Yuna
no reason just looks like a Yuna
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