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Why Arceus Fire banned?

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2 years ago#1
its not even good
2 years ago#2
And awaaaaaay we GO!
"Cheating seems to be a relevant term only when one is caught in the act. Otherwise it is viewed as intelligence, no?" - HK-47, Star Wars: KoTOR
2 years ago#3
Sylveon topic.
[This original poster deleted at the request of the message]
2 years ago#4
STAB Will-o-wisp.
2 years ago#5
FC 2337-4576-3993
2 years ago#6
STAB Sunny Day
3DS FC: 1564-3580-7099
2 years ago#7
Matthew3DSGamer posted...
Sylveon topic.
Pokemon X board overlord. I HATE DRUDDIGON.
2 years ago#8
SymphonyOfLight posted...

oh no!!!
2 years ago#9
MoxieAdrenaline posted...
STAB Will-o-wisp.

this is a legit question
2 years ago#10
here we go again
calling all chess fans
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