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Diving in is hard when there's no water

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2 years ago#1
I'm finding it kind of difficult to find actual information resources for VGC.

Nugget Bridge has its RMT board (and looking at a glance some of the teams on there seem... questionable), and articles on top-level player's teams, but nothing on individual 'mons outside of some small articles which don't give all that many specifics. I don't know if Smogon's VGC sets are decent (wouldn't matter anyways since their set articles are being redesigned and the VGC articles appear to be unavailable, they're probably on the forums somewhere though) It's a little unfortunate.

On top of that there... don't seem to be many places to actually get VGC matches? I could probably deal without the hand-holding resources, experiment around and whatnot to see what works if I actually had somewhere to practice outside of Showdown that had competent players (honestly not a big fan of the simulators in general, they just feel dull). Going and copy-pasting someone else's team would be pretty... well, it might be effective-ish, kinda, but something doesn't feel right about that. Not entirely sure why (besides the fact that I wouldn't have any idea how it works due to lack of experience).

It seems like the format doesn't really have that much of an entry-level environment or teambuilding guides, though I would be more than glad to see/hear that I'm wrong on that.

Side note, It's a little dumb that there's no dedicated VGC format on Battle Spot given that it's Game Freak's favorite thing in the universe. Battle Spot Doubles are just dumb as s*** (Battle Spot in general is s*** outside of a few Special seasons).

waiting for this to just be another case of my various-search-engine-fu being terrible
2 years ago#2
Yeah it is pretty hard to get into VGC considering there is a lot less info to work with. The best way to get your feet wet is just start with copy/pasted teams then learn to use the damage calculator to create EV spreads designed to survive specific stuff. And as for the lack of battles, showdown is the only option for randoms unfortunately, and showdown feels a lot different than in-game for some reason. Anyways if you want to have vgc battles with me I would love to any time as well as help throw some ideas for sets and EV spreads your way. PM me for my FC or something if you want.

Oh, and eggy emporium is another good website to go to for vgc info. It's run by Wolfe Glick and it's pretty helpful =)
2 years ago#3
I guess I'll give this a morning bump.

I'll probably have some irl things going on for the next couple days but I checked out Eggy Emporium and it looks pretty helpful (I think i checked out the team builder there before actually). I'll keep that stuff in mind.
2 years ago#4
I do know pokemon showdown has the VGC format on their site for battling as mentioned in this thread. I've tried my hand at it a few times, but it's an annoying learning curve to be honest. Ive been trying to find more like minded, reasonable people to get pointers and such, but it seems like the community is very cliquey.
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2 years ago#5
The best way to jump in is to get on showdown vgc ladder and practice your butt off while getting familiar with other mons/teams and see what they can do. You can try to read all thw atricles you want but theres nothing better than actual experience and testing on your own and showdown is so easy to use. Nuggetbridge and eggy emporium are actually really great sites and will give you all the info on the format, when events/tournaments are hosted, and tips/tricks. NB has the best coverage of the vgc scene and therefore highlights every aspect. If you dig deep enough you can find very helpful articles such as defensive ev spreads/builds. Oh and showdown has a great calculator you can use to make your own spreads
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2 years ago#6
If you have any questions regarding vgc please let me know either on here or NB where my username is Restrictive. Im also on showdown all the time usually under the name "Rookie Slayer MLG" <<< joke name as my brothers name is "I am a Rookie"
Pearl FC: 2320-2619-7317 SoulSilver FC: 0517-9627-0393
Xbox Live Gamertag: Restrictive
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