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What would this board specifically consider a "good" pokemon anime?

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2 years ago#51
>no-one suggesting they let muffinz0rz write it
2 years ago#52
fedartz posted...
Why team rocket is bad, they help the story progress and exciting don't they?

No and no.
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2 years ago#53
jamstaere08 posted...
>no-one suggesting they let muffinz0rz write it

If the anime was written by muffinz0rz, I would watch it again.
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2 years ago#54
Serena five years older
2 years ago#55
Ok umm Gravity Falls is weird
It's not horrible, it's just kind of weird
It's not scary or inappropriate, it's just strange
I watched the episode called "Irrational Treasure"

Now for another show aimed at children made by disney
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2 years ago#56
You can pretty much tell people like to spout "depth and development" while being ignorant about it.

The irony is that Ash did develop and gets his character changed. OS Ash =/= AG Ash =/= DP Ash =/= XY Ash.

Now the problem is that most recent anime viewings are probably BW Ash, and there's a reason people loathe that season. It reverted Ash into his OS self without the snark. With that in mind, people assume Ash never changed even if he was a veteran in AG to a stylized training DP, and in XY he's the big brother.
2 years ago#57
Gogito4 posted...
I'd adapt Pokémon Adventures, the manga.

There, done. Pokémon Anime saved.

Please do this. The manga is epic.
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2 years ago#58
Let akira toriyama direct write and otherwise have full control over it, every pokemon that can mega evolve would become the mains of every major character and only the mega can do the important stuff by the end however it won't be enough so we'll get pokefusion, awesome right??
Also the characters would be a lot more bada**
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2 years ago#59
If I was in charge I would give Serena a purpose to be on the show. Tbh, I don't have really good idea lol. As for now, she needs to borrow Dawn's cheerleader outfit.

I watched like 5 eps of Pokemon BW and the show is still formulaic. I can understand it's a long running show, but it doesn't need to be like this all the time.
2 years ago#60
I'm surprised that Jessie, James, and Meowth are staple characters of the series.
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