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What's your favorite NFE pokemon?

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2 years ago#21
Surskit goomy mudkip and dragonair
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2 years ago#22
Porygon2 is beastly. Just going to throw that out there.
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2 years ago#23
Dragonair or Sneasel.
2 years ago#24
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2 years ago#25
Lontaswords dance aegislash is the only thing that by definition makes it an uber. you shouldn't comment on a meta you don't understand
2 years ago#26
Oddly enough i find serperior to be alright. Snivy is my favorite pokemon but F*** Servine, i do not like how that thing looks. Very much awkward middle stage.
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2 years ago#27
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2 years ago#28
Scyther. Once he gets a swords dance off, not many things can take a STAB'd Technician Aerial Ace. But throw a pebble at him and gg.
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2 years ago#29
Either Gabite, Dragonair, Vulpix, or Snivy take the cake.
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2 years ago#30
This is why Deoxys is uber:
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