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so smogon banned pachirisu after deciding it was too OP...

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aegislash isnt as good as people think it is especially because they give it crappy sets like mixed instead of sd


I'm surprised you made it that far. Megagar is balanced in 6v6 because it's frail, apparently.

I was gonna dispute that too, but I was too lazy.
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Your so funny tho.

I want mega flygon, mega luxray and smash bros 3ds now!!!!!!!!............"opens eyes" f*** still nothing.
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Worst topic 2014

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They won't ban it, and here is why.

The Se Jun Park Pachirisu set was as follows:

Volt Absorb Impish Pachirisu@Sitrus Berry, with EVs to make it a wall: Pokemon didn't post that.
Follow Me
Super Fang

The crux of this set is Follow Me, which redirects moves from your sweeper to the surprisingly tanky Pachirisu. This doesn't work in Single Battles, and in Double Battles, it won't have the element of surprise that made it that good in VGCs. For a few months, everyone playing Doubles at a remotely high level will overemphasize Ground-types, Electric-types, Limber Pokemon, Ghost-types, and normal Rotom as they counter this set to an extent (blocking the Nuzzle paralysis, the Super Fang, or both). So Smogon singles won't care about this set because it is NOT a singles set, and Smogon Doubles won't care about this set because it HAS counters; people just didn't carry them because this wasn't a thing until he came up with it.
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Lol ban topics
You wasted your time reading this.