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Pokemon you thought were from a different generation.

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11 months ago#1
I thought Swinub was G3
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11 months ago#2
I thought Skarmory was gen 3 and Medicham was Gen 4
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11 months ago#3
I thought that Aerodactyl was from GSC up until White 2 came out.
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11 months ago#4
I thought Gardevoir was Gen 4 and Garchomp was Gen 6...
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11 months ago#5
Hi Sophia
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11 months ago#6
I used to think Wooper/Quagsire were gen III.
11 months ago#7
I thought Tyrogue was from Gen 4 until I played XD. Then I thought it was from Gen 3.
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11 months ago#8
I always think Houndour/doom and Slugma/Macargo are gen 3.
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11 months ago#9
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11 months ago#10
Thanks to me skipping Hoenn games due to my parent's disapproval, I thought Lucario was Gen Three thanks to that Mystery of Mew movie...

That and those spoilerific Sinnoh Pokemon Cameos during the opening of the Advanced Battle anime iirc. Weavile and Lucario were part of the opening until it was revised.
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