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Top 3 walls/stallers?

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1 year ago#1
I don't have very many walls or defensive pokemon in general bred and I want to expand on that for my teams. I'm not really experienced so can anyone list the top 3 or so for each types of walls/stallers? Doesn't need to be an exact science, just a general idea of 3 pokemon for each I can work on breeding for my teams. Thanks.

Top 3 physical walls?

Top 3 special walls?

Top 3 mixed walls?
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1 year ago#2
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1 year ago#3
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1 year ago#4
You've gone insane...your talking to a waffle for god's sake.
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1 year ago#5
smogon pls leave
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1 year ago#6
Shuckle is a terrible wall due to lolbase5HP. No reliable recovery outside of rest. Walled by ANY Steel type.

Physical walls include
Chansey/Blissey (to some extent)
and most notoriously, Skarmory.

Special walls....

Those two are such great special walls, they make everything else look terribad in comparison.
Access to self healing in Softboiled and Aromatherapy. Has Seismic Toss as well as Thunder Wave and Toxic. These two just rule the Special Wall game.

I guess Tyranitar somewhat can work well. Eh, I dont really know.

Also, inb4 Mega Aggron. No healing at all or Item slot. Terrible wall. He works well as a bulky attacker though, don't get me wrong.
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1 year ago#7
1 year ago#8
AV Furfrou (ftw and the haters)
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1 year ago#9
I personally stick with Pokemon I traditionally enjoy using instead of Smogon tiers, so here are my favourite tanks:
- Milotic (Marvel Scale, Recover - my fav. water type since Gen3)
- Slowbro
- HA Shuckle (terrible base HP, but pretty hilarious to use thanks to Shell Smash + Contrary)
- Eviolite Porygon2.
- HA Gliscor

Never liked using Ferrothorn or Chansey. But they are good, though.
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1 year ago#10
Shell smash contrary Shuckle

Rains dance/rest hydration Eviolite Sligoo

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