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Is it wrong to marry your pokemon?

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2 years ago#181
kabigon20 posted...
socguy posted...
Ghetsis posted...
socguy posted...
It you really want to marry them or are you just more interested in the ***?

What is the ***?

act of consummating the said marriage


That's the best part.
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2 years ago#182
Rat_a_tat posted...

Apparently it's cool in Japan, but NoA had to be squares leave that part out.

See, first we need an Animal Crossing game that lets us date the townsfolk, then we can work our way up to this. Climb the social ladder of acceptance one rung at a time.

They had to since it made all the difference between E and M
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2 years ago#183
Actually it's jazz Benin said that collectible nicely makes a whole being once in full moon while connection stuff.
Isis is the babe.
2 years ago#184
All in all it's the same.
Isis is the babe.
2 years ago#185
Only if It's Mawile,Gardevoire and Gothorita.
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2 years ago#186
Tappor posted...
bad bait pls leave
There is always a catch. Life is a catch! I suggest you catch it while you can.
2 years ago#187
Alice_13 posted...
TropiOUs posted...
Alice_13 posted...

Hmm.. idk why you'd leave a game that is getting better with a new release on the horizon for a game that you've more than likely played & isn't worth the buy..

I mean, you know what happens.. *sigh* you're very convincing in things you type..

because my 3 years of Halo 3 were the best years of my life
and it is totally worth the buy because my best firend is getting it too
and everyone I met during the last 4 years knows I only played this until the day I could play a decent halo game with ok population again.

From what I've gathered, the Halo community isn't-that-great.. I hope you're more civil..

I haven't heard anything bad about the Halo community. Not bad for a FPS community.
Collo nuzlocke time
2 years ago#188
Teach me, boobie lady! ~ ~
2 years ago#189
It's not possible to marry Pokémon as they don't exist so it can't be wrong, however don't marry animals, and especially don't do other "things" with and/or to them, as Bestiality is not cool and is why many view you as a weirdo on here. As long as you avoid that, wanting to marry a fake creature in a game/show/movie/etc is your own business.
"You know, if someone else did that, they'd look like an idiot, but since you do it all the time, you can pull it off."
2 years ago#190
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