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Eevee breeding (baton pass issue)

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2 years ago#1
Hey, it's been a while since i did any eevee breeding, I've been trying to breed a 5/6Iv eevee with yawn, wish, curse and baton pass, the problem is baton pass keeps disappearing when the eevees are hatched, and gets replaced with tail whip.

What's going on? Do both parents need to know the move for it to stick? I don't ever remember having this much trouble breeding baton pass in previous gens, did I forget something, am I missing something? If i have to keep leveling up the eggs to level 33 that's going to get frustrating really quickly.
2 years ago#2
Baton Pass isn't a proper egg move, so if you want to pass it down both parents need to know the move. The father doesn't have to be an Eevee though; as long as he can learn Baton Pass and is from a compatible egg group it will work.

When both parents know BP the babies will know it as well as long as you make sure that the parents don't have more than three "real" egg moves (since real egg moves overwrite level-up egg moves).
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2 years ago#3
Alright thanks! Also how annoying!
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