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new team

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2 years ago#1
Im trying to make a new team, this is what i got:

Dragonite-weakness policy-multiscale

dragon claw

dragon dance

fire punch

extreme speed

Lucario-life orb(maybe lucarionite if i dont use other megas) - inner focus

close combat

extreme speed

bullet punch

swords dance


aura sphere

shadow ball

flash cannon

nasty plot

Im deciding between the special or physical side so it will depend on the rest of the team.

Greninja-life orb- protean

dark pulse


ice beam

hydro pump

i could switch him, im still thinking.


foul play


knock off


So this is what i got for now, i still need 3 things on the team a special wall and fire/water/electric moves/ground moves, im trying to make a team with at least 2 sp atackers and im missing 2 pokes, so keep that in mind.
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2 years ago#2
Physical Bullet Punch Mega Lucario Master race
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2 years ago#3
Needs Delibird ;)
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2 years ago#4
minor nitpick: lucario doesn't learn iron head. it only gets iron tail and bullet punch.
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2 years ago#5
FC: 1864-9767-7501 IGN: lorenzo
2 years ago#6
FC: 1864-9767-7501 IGN: lorenzo
2 years ago#7
FC: 1864-9767-7501 IGN: lorenzo
2 years ago#8
FC: 1864-9767-7501 IGN: lorenzo

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