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Name one Pokemon and one bad thing that Pokemon could accidently do in real life

#41Epic_McDudePosted 8/31/2014 12:54:04 PM

It likes to bite people and things.
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#42JaeganSniperPosted 8/31/2014 12:59:13 PM
Deoxys. It descends upon the world from space, then decides to destroy everything.
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#43broadbanePosted 8/31/2014 2:08:14 PM
Pheenic posted...
waterdeepchu posted...
Pheenic posted...
Arceus - Rain Judgement on the entire earth. Like this

Basically, yeah.

That was good for a laugh. Actually its hilarious.
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#44BluntGruntPosted 8/31/2014 2:14:25 PM

Poison people.
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#45Lobster44Posted 8/31/2014 2:21:06 PM

Sink a ship.

From all the titanic references on his pokemondb page
#46femaidenPosted 8/31/2014 2:52:28 PM
the pokedex entry for excadrill says that their digging can be destructive to subway tunnels...that would be bad.

and gigalith says their attacks are "strong enough to blow away mountains", that must be bad because if they blow away an entire mountain, the rocks have to land somewhere, so its entirely possible for them to blow the rocks somewhere destructive like onto someone's house or something.

i'm sure both of these things are "accidental" and unintentional in the case of the wild pokemons, although, i would think trainer using a pokemon doing these things should be held accountable for it

of course, those are gen5 pokemons, considering this is the gen6 message board, should we keep the discussion about gen6 pokemons?
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#47ShadowUmbreon42Posted 8/31/2014 2:54:16 PM

Leave it's cotton everywhere in my house :@
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#48Lord_ChivalryPosted 8/31/2014 2:57:24 PM
ShadowUmbreon42 posted...

Leave it's cotton everywhere in my house :@

Yeah, Cotton.
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#49DenpaMenRevivePosted 9/1/2014 12:14:06 AM
Galvantula. Spider Phobias are NOTHING.
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#50BlueInfinityPosted 9/1/2014 12:15:31 AM
speckledpanda posted...

Slaughter your family and everything you hold dear


I laughed pretty hard at this.

Great post.
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