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This is my first Pokemon game and I have a question dealing with limited ...

#1Dark Blade 13Posted 8/31/2014 10:52:44 AM
number of moves. Please be patience with me since I'm new to pokemon. Lets say you have a pokemon that has fantastic stats in both Attack and Special Attack and the pokemon is a dual type. I know it is not a good idea for a pokemon to have all attack moves and should have some support moves. How do you guys deal with what moves the pokemon should learn since it is a dual type with both equal stats in both Attack and Special Attack since it can only learn 4 moves?
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#2Virtua1ityPosted 8/31/2014 10:53:41 AM
Is this for in-game or competitive?
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#3Dark Blade 13(Topic Creator)Posted 8/31/2014 10:55:48 AM
in game
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#4EmiArtsPosted 8/31/2014 10:57:17 AM(edited)
If your talking about where you want a mixed attacker (Both Attack and Special Attack Moves in same moveset) I can help.

But then again this is my first too, (Even though I have experience)

I usually do:

Attack Move
Special Attack Move

EDIT: You can use anything for ingame. Heck, I used a Swalot.

For competitive, I would do this.
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#5LeafeyforeverPosted 8/31/2014 10:56:18 AM
Its called 4 slot syndrome and Lucario has it.

Just gotta figure out what role you want it to play as.

Need a supporter then give 2-3 support moves and the last 1-2 a attack move
Need a sweeper then give it SD (if physical) or CM (if special) and moves corresponding to the stronger attack stat

Or in rare cases like Flareon You could go mix attack with 2-3 physical or vice versa. As it doesnt learn a stat boosting move its fine.
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#6Virtua1ityPosted 8/31/2014 10:58:53 AM
For in-game you really don't need support moves.Honestly,it doesn't really matter what moves you pick for them,as long as they're a good level.Just go with what you like.
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#7LuminousSparkPosted 8/31/2014 11:14:26 AM
i agree with Virtua1ity. since you are playing in-game only, i wouldn't stress about what moves to learn and you can beat the game just fine even with learning all attack moves. competitive on the other hand is a whole new different discussion.
#8Lucidious89Posted 8/31/2014 11:43:37 AM
If youre putting thought into your party's movesets for in-game, youre trying too hard. Just give them the strongest, most spammable move that matches their type and works off their higher offense stat. The other moves are just for HMs and coverage.
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