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Slayerblade11166/11 2:23PM
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Primal Groudon/Kyogre. Primal Dialga. Sinnoh confirmed (Archived)
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boarbaque116/11 2:12PM
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Not sure what I'm doing wrong in the Battle Maison (Archived)
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Chaos Genesis166/11 2:09PM
Would you like the GTS to have an ability specification feature? (Archived)Reptobismol86/11 1:47PM
I just voted in the Baton Pass Suspect Thread (Smogon topic) (Archived)
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ZeldaTPLink146/11 1:47PM
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What if: Toxic Spikes and Stealth Rocks (Archived)
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YourLuck126/11 12:59PM
How do you find HA Nidoran (both genders)? (Archived)HHDeception36/11 12:41PM