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What ability does Mega Swampert get? (Archived)
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Whats blazikens best 4th move (Archived)
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Mono-Steel Team Improvements? (Archived)PhantomLink176/8 5:19PM
Buff a Pokemon you like but only slightly. (Archived)
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YR: next gen a power creep so huge the likes of mega mewtwo would be NU (Archived)BlackBlueButts76/8 5:08PM
Most forgotten Pokemon is... (Archived)
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What group of Starters do you want to see get Mega Evolutions next? (Poll)
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DragonmanXD136/8 4:55PM
Questions about Diancie and a few competitive Pokemon... (Archived)
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Calwyn156/8 4:51PM
Just saw the Mega Sceptile/Swampert news. (Archived)Staticnova76/8 4:44PM
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Is Nidoking viable in OU? (Poll)
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Inferno4501296/8 4:10PM
Did Smogon ban blaziken right off the bat? Have they considered retesting him? (Archived)
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Xavuu426/8 4:09PM