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If one piece characters were pokemon. (Archived)animefan100035/22 1:21AM
idk if I should be amazed or if I should be disappointed (Archived)Un_Dominicano85/22 12:40AM
Was it necessary for dark to be weak to fairy? (Archived)
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BlackBlueButts235/22 12:22AM
How does mr.mime out speed Alakazam (Archived)
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thetuckingfypo165/22 12:12AM
Is something wrong with the messaging system? (PLEASE HELP) (Archived)tyranitarteeth105/21 11:57PM
Did you scream when you encountered your very first shiny? (Archived)
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DojoOfDirt1395/21 11:57PM
New to competitive, any sanity to this team? (Archived)Halcyon2635/21 11:51PM
Which Pokemon games have the best replay value? (Archived)Ccroybb105/21 11:30PM
OMG My Gourgeist did something scary lol (Archived)
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SkylaIsMyWife255/21 11:26PM
Current tier listings!!?!?! (Archived)
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epyon1995145/21 11:16PM
Can the power save be used to change where the pokemon came from? (Archived)BlackBlueButts75/21 11:13PM
So whats your opinion on Aerodactyl? competitvly (Archived)
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ToborTheRobot145/21 10:55PM
Next Gen should introduce Alien Type (Archived)
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hodelino365/21 10:47PM
do we agree that those are the best 4 types ... (Archived)neo1mark95/21 10:35PM
And people say Poison & Steel are still not used for coverage even w/Fairies (Archived)FryDays500065/21 10:32PM
Scolipede (Archived)CheaterJ65/21 10:06PM
Do you think Game Freak will make Fairy pokemon that are more genuine 2 folk ... (Archived)Chenmaster245/21 10:01PM
Smogon vs Wifi (Archived)Jayroach265/21 9:58PM
Wait, why was goomy once known as the lord and savior? (Archived)
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R-A-V155/21 9:50PM
Bulbapedia happines evolution page (Archived)
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itachi00185/21 9:43PM