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Rate my Trick Room team for Showdown (Archived)jimbiz46/9 12:05AM
Out of all the unexpected shinies I could've gotten from breeding... (Archived)
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Eagles_Shadow126/9 12:02AM
What's the best nickname for Mega Swampert? (Archived)
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KReborn176/8 10:50PM
Do you nickname your pokemon? (Poll)
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discodancer77166/8 10:49PM
What game had the best secret battles/challenges? (Archived)OmfgitsBlah46/8 10:05PM
What if mega swampert had huge power? (Archived)
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BlackBlueButts146/8 9:58PM
Pursuit should be banned... (Archived)
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nuclearratchet166/8 9:53PM
Playing BW2, what all can I not get with NWFC down? (Archived)
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PkmTrainerAbram126/8 9:33PM
What ability do you think Mega Diancie might have? (Archived)GangstaLizard95106/8 9:29PM
If you could turn into a Pokemon. (Archived)
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PokeBuyMan356/8 9:28PM
Spent an hour on Route 12 looking for a Pinsir (Archived)
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NOM266/8 9:19PM
So, the Megalution Special is actually...decent (Archived)
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SalsaSavant166/8 9:19PM
I think this guy wasn't paying attention when he was trying to clone a pokemon. (Archived)JuliMizrahi106/8 8:58PM
I like the new megas (Archived)Miranda_Evans86/8 8:51PM
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Life Orb and Reckless (Archived)fedartz56/8 8:15PM
Help! (Breeding Question) (Archived)OurDailyBran106/8 8:15PM
Show details of abilities in battle (Archived)katzi56/8 7:43PM
so can a ralts born female turn into a gallade after a powersave gender change (Archived)_Sazando_26/8 7:32PM
What Pokemon reminds you of a Digimon? (and vice versa) (Archived)ItsDat1Zangoose66/8 7:20PM