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Good HM Slave? (Other than Bibarel.) also which slash is better? (Archived)pikmintaro106/20/2014
Which Trainer's tool is your favourite? (Poll)
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Why these pokemon went down (Archived)
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Help With Heracross (Archived)heavyarmsjim3736/20/2014
So I've been trying NU beta (Archived)matthewtheman46/20/2014
I beat dEnIsSsS, f*** YEAH (Archived)
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VGC14 US Nationals Commentators were announced! (feat. TheJustinFlynn) (Archived)Team Rocket Elite (M)46/20/2014
Kind of a dumb question but how can I check IVs of a wild capture? I got a lot (Archived)
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Hey guys can you make a Fakemon board for Pokemon? (Archived)GangstaLizard9556/20/2014
Who's Cuter Jiggly Puff Or Togetic? (Poll)MoxieAdrenaline46/20/2014
Last few EVs for Mega Jolly Lucario? (Archived)Crimsin_Giblet56/20/2014
Egg move question (Archived)Alpha21836/20/2014
New Pokemon Line Idea: Elepupp, Mamutt, and Woltherium. Elephant/Dog Hybrid Poke (Archived)Duncanwii76/20/2014
Don't y'all just love Cyndaquil's long rat tail? (Archived)VoltSwitch36/20/2014
Rate my Blastoise? (Archived)ItalianPatriot86/20/2014
Pedometer questions? (Archived)GravelKing46/20/2014
What exactly was GF thinking making pokeballs pass down from females only? (Archived)
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Which one do you like more: Round 90 - Lilligant or Dusknoir? (Poll)
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I love dog Pokemon (Archived)
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What do you guys do with non-perfect shinnies? (Archived)
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