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Worth Using this Lucario? (Archived)
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Crimsin_Giblet126/15 7:35PM
Ferrothorn is the most annoying pokemon in OU (Archived)
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KingWhiteKnight176/15 7:21PM
I just realized they took out the stupid movie/beauty contest stuff in X/Y (Archived)megATOMOS76/15 7:12PM
Pokemon Art Academy>>>>>RBS remake! (Archived)
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kokobeng10000126/15 7:11PM
Just met a guy with a Machoke named. (Archived)Lord_Chivalry76/15 6:52PM
Any set ideas for a Jolly Landorus-T? (Archived)ShadeMan968626/15 6:46PM
Are you upset for not having a chance to obtain the Eevee c-gear skin? (Archived)VoltSwitch86/15 6:37PM
Need help with confirmation on Perfect IVs (Archived)
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Colonel_Romeo216/15 6:36PM
Ev spread help (Archived)
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CommonDreads116/15 6:18PM
Solar Power Heliolisk (Archived)
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Yukure126/15 6:06PM
Spare soothe bell? (Archived)A070416/15 6:06PM
Looking for Iron Fist Infernape Jolly Nature (Archived)AaronDDS16/15 6:05PM
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Just hatched a shiny in three eggs (Archived)NOM46/15 5:56PM
So quick HA question (Archived)GravelKing26/15 5:54PM
Hello Everyone!! (Archived)samsonati16/15 5:51PM
Your favorite Smogon tier? (Poll)
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Shafayat1234146/15 5:45PM
Who's the best pokemon in the game? (Archived)Jayroach296/15 5:39PM
Here's my stat prediction on Mega Sableye (Archived)
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GangstaLizard95136/15 5:33PM
Is Magic Guard all M-Alakazam needs to be good? (Archived)Mobile_Platform106/15 4:50PM