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Top 3 Starter Pokemon that can be played competitively (Archived)
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schweedubz365/22 5:52AM
Dark moves have the best effects (Archived)
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MissCarriage135/22 5:49AM
Enigma Berry for a Starf Berry (Archived)DratinaMcknight45/22 5:27AM
Any way to get another smoke ball? (Archived)Slayerblade1125/22 5:27AM
Team Darkfusion (Archived)
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black9532165/22 5:24AM
Wait! Assault Vest Metagross is a thing now? (Archived)
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Starmence115/22 5:09AM
Why do people complain about Ash's age... (Archived)
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ShinyTepig415/22 4:32AM
How about adding this feature for the GTS? (Archived)DragonDeoxys65/22 4:01AM
Poke Trivia Video (Archived)Okamiaku15/22 3:44AM
I just got disconnected from showdowns server (Archived)
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BlackBlueButts125/22 2:18AM
Which one do you like more: Round 39 - Tangrowth or Gogoat? (Poll)Paulo12395/22 2:11AM
Any non-legendary Pokemon with high HP, Atk/SpA and Speed? (Archived)wolf rider75/22 2:09AM
Any problems with this OU team? (Archived)
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Mynameispaul96145/22 2:00AM
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MagneticSpark125/22 1:32AM
Question for mega ampharos (Archived)Yumatsukumo55/22 1:29AM
If one piece characters were pokemon. (Archived)animefan100035/22 1:21AM
idk if I should be amazed or if I should be disappointed (Archived)Un_Dominicano85/22 12:40AM
Was it necessary for dark to be weak to fairy? (Archived)
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BlackBlueButts235/22 12:22AM
How does mr.mime out speed Alakazam (Archived)
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thetuckingfypo165/22 12:12AM
Is something wrong with the messaging system? (PLEASE HELP) (Archived)tyranitarteeth105/21 11:57PM