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Swagger/ThunderWave (Archived)
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Dragoon08116/16 4:04PM
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Why don't people talk about Pokeaim? (Archived)
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J_Applei156/16 3:53PM
C/D GF should remove Haze in a patch (Archived)
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zelionx186/16 3:52PM
Slurpuff + Sucker Punch + Drain Punch = Great? (Archived)
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Zacks_Fair166/16 3:51PM
A Guide to the Poke Radar (Archived)Prinma86/16 3:43PM
People who complain about the BP nerf have no talent (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz116/16 3:39PM
what to do, what to do? (Archived)OldSkoola00166/16 3:38PM
Quick question about my vs recorder battle video codes (Archived)WorldTrader46/16 3:35PM
Post your battle vids here! (Archived)
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Blackcat0123236/16 3:14PM
Thundurus moveset (Archived)Dragoon0836/16 3:05PM
Help with a competitive team using in game Pokemon (Archived)Moe_Lester_1386/16 3:03PM
What's a good nickname for Mega-Cham? (Archived)
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MoxieAdrenaline146/16 3:03PM
Let's make a type! (Archived)vermillion71986/16 2:49PM
Need help with an Umbreon nickname... (Archived)
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Lonta_Beans3266/16 2:43PM
Hoenn Weakling Pokemon Game Challenge (Archived)
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VaironGod216/16 2:37PM
Omastar or Probopass? (Archived)
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Ghetsis126/16 2:27PM
For the starters who's a better tank? (Archived)CodyTwoHottie66/16 2:17PM