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A blissful chance... (Poll)
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RenzAllen7226/5 6:44PM
new fakemon idea (Archived)Mrprowley96/5 6:34PM
Beedrill's stingers in pokemon amie? (Archived)GJTheIllumise46/5 6:31PM
Egg move question (Archived)dbzbadman0646/5 6:17PM
Protean Kecleon gets Skill Swap from Sylveon. (Archived)
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primusnine196/5 5:51PM
Describe where you live by using ANY Area within ANY Game (Archived)Burning_Revenge56/5 5:49PM
What causes a pokemon to have pokerus? (Archived)MegaRamza46/5 5:48PM
For games with a strand of DNA as the logo... (Archived)Lord_Chivalry106/5 5:45PM
shiny mamoswine event (Archived)dowbear256/5 5:44PM
Stats Judge In Kiloude City Question? (Archived)Jessie201296/5 5:44PM
Entertaining VGC Battle if you're bored. (Archived)HeROiiCs66/5 5:34PM
Which move does the most damage when used by a certain pokemon? (Archived)
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BlackBlueButts186/5 5:16PM
Better option than Mega Blastoise? (Archived)Dragoon0846/5 5:13PM
So how broken is UU now? (Archived)
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Carlos994116/5 5:10PM
If Simon Cowell was to be a Gym leader, what type could it be? (Poll)
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fedartz116/5 5:09PM
I just tried rotation battles for the first time. (Archived)cocomunga16/5 5:04PM
How to chain (radar) (Archived)OurDailyBran16/5 4:44PM
How much longer until Powersaves re-adds freakin Diancie!?! D:< (Archived)
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MegaSableye226/5 4:40PM
Your Favorite Move of Each Category (Archived)
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FinalInsanity156/5 4:24PM
Why does no one use stantler (Archived)
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b619poke126/5 4:23PM