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limber fire/poison type (Archived)
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SafetyRey176/13 1:07PM
Competitive Mega Gardevoir moveset? (Archived)Vhaman46/13 12:54PM
Does anyone have an infiltrator Zubat to spare? (Archived)cynicalmawile26/13 12:45PM
rotom-w 4th move slot? (Archived)Dragoon0836/13 12:33PM
If we got a Bulky or Wall Protean user what moveset should it have? (Archived)TwyliteSprinkle86/13 12:28PM
That champion battle was so unbalanced in difficulty IMO. (Archived)
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Rot8er_ConeX196/13 12:05PM
What should i do (Archived)Hikari5x46/13 11:47AM
Can't seem to get a 5 IV Gible to hatch. (Archived)
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ChimeraBlue126/13 11:43AM
Boomburst Mega Gardevior (Archived)supremeblaster96/13 11:31AM
Scald-spamming idiots praying for burn hax got me thinking... (Archived)
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SOAD5657166/13 11:27AM
Ground type question (Archived)MegaRyan76/13 11:18AM
Is hydreigon still competitive? (Archived)
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the_van_kid276/13 11:10AM
Need Advice on Doubles team (Archived)Thevipermike86/13 11:10AM
Just realized that half of the fully-evolved Fire starters are neutral to Fairy. (Archived)
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FryDays5000146/13 11:10AM
Shouldn't Harden raise attack and defense? (Archived)KReborn76/13 11:05AM
Tips for a phaze team (Archived)MagusJanus46/13 10:51AM
Wish umbreon (Archived)Crimsonhead446/13 10:50AM
I used to read Hydreigon as Hydregion (Archived)Boon_Siew_Fariq46/13 10:46AM
Your least favorite Smogon tier? (Poll)
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Shafayat1234236/13 10:44AM
What pokemon do you never want to have a Mega? (Archived)
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lolsophia7326/13 10:40AM