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Which one do you like more: Round 78 - Seviper or Zangoose? (Poll)
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Paulo123286/14 9:59AM
Now that we have new Mega Evolutions in ORAS (Archived)GangstaLizard9556/14 9:34AM
Best Pokeballs for... (Archived)
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ZarthimusPrime156/14 9:17AM
One Thousand!! (Poll)
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PrettyTonyTiger206/14 9:10AM
what's this i hear about mega swampert and mega sceptile (Archived)
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zelionx176/14 9:06AM
God damn wonderlockes are hard (Archived)Reggie_Evans26/14 9:01AM
Why is Alakazam the only one (Archived)jEr3mY76/14 8:55AM
Hoeen Pokemon Team (Archived)
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orsbi156/14 8:08AM
why the does pokemon pope lseem to advocate letting children out while they're (Archived)
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FMLG246/14 8:05AM
what evs for a mixed mega absol? (Archived)Lacrymosa14356/14 8:01AM
Yet another question...! (Archived)Lucario25976/14 7:47AM
How much of a time investment is it to grow mature berries? (Archived)Alpha21836/14 7:45AM
Anyway to stop pokeballs breeding down with... (Archived)
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thomasfreid116/14 7:41AM
Ahh casuals (Archived)Lord_Chivalry46/14 7:18AM
Your reaction: Mega-Sceptile pulls a Garchomp. (Archived)keflyn66/14 6:55AM
How do I add a Pokemon to my GTS search that isn't in my poked ex? (Archived)Grimdandelo76/14 6:25AM
special or physical lucario? (Archived)Lacrymosa14356/14 6:07AM
How would one go about using Zen Mode Darmanitan (Archived)discodancer7786/14 6:01AM
Egg moves question (Archived)duskblack46/14 5:46AM
So... what do I do now? (Archived)TheRedLuma56/14 5:40AM