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Oh my ****ing God I just saw Mega Sceptile I'm freakin' out (Archived)
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SaintValiance676/8 8:21AM
Steven's a Steel Type trainer. Therefore, he needs a MEGA CHARIZARD X!! (Archived)
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SalsaSavant456/8 8:21AM
So.. I love Water Shuriken (Archived)
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TheRealAsterfix296/8 8:16AM
I see good potential in Throh (Archived)Worm19946/8 8:07AM
Come join the stream! (Archived)Dronagon16/8 8:00AM
Blastoise with Water Sprout and Aura Sphere (Archived)Almgandi86/8 7:58AM
Wow....I actually won. Have a look at this battle, if you've the time. (Archived)legendrider56/8 7:50AM
This game needs snapbacks (Archived)mrballerswaggin96/8 7:40AM
Shiny while horde EV training... (Poll)
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makeyurself116/8 7:12AM
I freaking love Mega Diancies design (Archived)
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hodelino146/8 6:56AM
Mega-Swampert should be interesting... (Archived)
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Runeofnite266/8 6:55AM
I love how standard Volcarona is (Archived)
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lawlnope116/8 6:52AM
How do you feel when you get hit by a Super Effective HP you never saw coming? (Archived)
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wolf rider136/8 6:50AM
"Ugly, hideous, ugly, hideous, ugly, hideous, worst this, worst that..." (Archived)IngSlayer96/8 6:36AM
Swampert build (Archived)Redmest86/8 6:28AM
How to force Wurmple to evolve into Silcoon (Archived)
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fedartz236/8 6:22AM
PGL help/frustration (Archived)Meb3emz76/8 6:17AM
That pre-league training problem (Archived)TowerBooks319266/8 6:14AM
Mega Diancie opens the floodgates to megas for event legends? (Archived)MegaMelon56/8 6:00AM
My save data gets corrupted when I eject the cartridge out of the 3DS. (Archived)
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bT-p_q-Td576/8 5:37AM