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Well that was lucky. (Archived)
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Lord_Chivalry146/12 9:03AM
Will we have a main series pokemon game (Poll)MegaSableye26/12 8:49AM
How old is serena in game compared to the anime? (Archived)
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milotic44276/12 8:44AM
Diancie distribution coming soon for X/Y (Archived)
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zelionx146/12 8:28AM
hello everyone! haven't played since diamond/pearl.. (Archived)
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BASEDxGOD176/12 8:28AM
So is the gen 3 remakes backwards compatable? (Archived)Patriarch10526/12 8:19AM
My brother does not want to get generation Six so we can battle. (Archived)
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lolsophia7116/12 8:07AM
Was not the 3rd Generation the best by far? (Archived)
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BlakeFarmer1216/12 7:49AM
How's this Steel/Dragon pokemon? (Poll)wolf rider76/12 7:31AM
Mega-Evolutions should be "counted" as a possible evolution. (Archived)
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Sky_Legend116/12 7:12AM
Boomburst Exploud: Choice Scarf or Choice Specs? (Poll)
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Worm199126/12 7:02AM
moveset for special and physical nidoking (Archived)dryingpan10146/12 6:54AM
Need helps on vespiquen Movesets (Archived)fedartz36/12 6:53AM
Mega Diancie officially revealed (Archived)
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Rad_Dudesman146/12 6:46AM
What is your Top 3 Mega Evolutions? (Archived)
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MrPokemon73446/12 6:45AM
YR: Sableyes megability is... (Archived)monk1187656/12 6:31AM
YR: MegaSableye gets both buffed defenses and keeps Prankster... (Archived)Sopheroo86/12 6:30AM
Vivillon 3DS Location Question? (Archived)Jessie201256/12 6:22AM
eevee evolutions help (Archived)corvette9036/12 6:14AM
Confused about HA inheritance (Archived)Kanraku26/12 6:10AM