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When did the Elite 4 presentation become so over the top? (Archived)
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Zeron RB176/10 5:44PM
who would you prefer to mega evolve: salamence or flygon? (Poll)
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CarefreeDude136/10 5:43PM
Pokemon Crossing (Poll)Sketch72200256/10 5:40PM
Who's your favorite pokemon? (Archived)
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Best/Worst Pokemon Psychic tiebreaker 1 (Poll)Ice_Dragon1446/10 5:12PM
How would Scizor be if he was pure Bug? (Archived)
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LRodC116/10 4:49PM
1st caught shiny (Archived)ozmir2276/10 4:23PM
How would you feel if Choice Band/Specs/Scarf were buffed to +100%... (Archived)
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Fwahm476/10 4:18PM
hidden abilities in friend safari (Archived)chris_cowell36/10 4:17PM
Best/Worst Pokemon Ground Round 1.1 (Poll)
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Ice_Dragon14186/10 4:14PM
Is Tobias the best trainer? (Archived)
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kokobeng10000136/10 3:49PM
Is Tobias a troll? (Archived)
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kokobeng10000116/10 3:48PM
Do you not feel bad... (Archived)Poisonedsword46/10 3:46PM
Ugh Ditto (Archived)Steelboy8716/10 3:44PM
Mega Sceptile is overdesigned (Archived)kokobeng1000086/10 3:40PM
So how can I go about to get Lugia? (Archived)INCEPTlON56/10 3:32PM
Specs or Sub-Disable for Gengar? (Archived)
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KungFuChicken69146/10 3:29PM
what are the rules for rated battles (Archived)RustyShak66/10 3:23PM
Best ideas on how to use Powder on a Vivillon set? (Archived)N0tQuiteN0rmal46/10 3:15PM
GTS message WON'T delete!!! (Archived)moltres_rider86/10 3:08PM