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megaevo + item using theif? (Archived)Holy_forks35/20 12:48AM
Which Pokemon are on your team? (Archived)
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Nintendo35000vr255/20 12:38AM
If, in last generation, I were to tell you that... (Archived)
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Meta289165/20 12:28AM
So when is the shutdown exactly supposed to go down (Archived)kagenoronin8745/19 11:19PM
I'm sad he forfeited 66 turns in. (Archived)Fowhawk25/19 10:54PM
Is this ok for porygon-z? (Archived)ZLn1375/19 10:51PM
Pokegen question (Archived)Bow_Arrow55/19 10:50PM
Is Heal Pulse affected by Rage Powder/Follow Me (Archived)zelionx25/19 10:44PM
F***ING Freeze hacks!!!!!!!!!!! (Archived)Lateralusgt75/19 10:26PM
Fan vid (Archived)blazingsonic15/19 10:23PM
Once online goes down on the original DS... (Archived)
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lazymaster02165/19 9:55PM
The Inevitable Valerie Appreciation Topic (Archived)
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Dathedr-vodhr885/19 9:54PM
One last question about Pokecheck (Archived)ShadowShire105/19 9:49PM
They should make a move that automatically KOs any opponent. (Archived)
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LRodC175/19 9:49PM
Do you think Delphox deserves a Mega Evolution? (Archived)GangstaLizard9555/19 9:43PM
Eevee evloution ev builds (Archived)Bryan_Skull85/19 9:32PM
Which gen has your favorite gyms? (Poll)schweedubz75/19 9:28PM
Remember when scyther and pinsir were opposites? (Archived)
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XYSRTSE115/19 9:28PM
whats wrong with my team? point out its flaws for me (Archived)
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dioxxys425/19 9:27PM
GTS already down? (Archived)
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cupidshot115/19 9:09PM