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Is Timid or Modest better for HP Fire Xerneas? (Archived)
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The_Undest113/30 11:15PM
How to tell when the day care has an egg #BreedSpeed (Archived)
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God damn it. (Archived)
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FugeeBar213/30 10:32PM
What if hoopa and volcanion get geomancy and oblivion wing instead (Archived)gamepimp1233/30 10:30PM
Sucker Punch on Gengar/mega Gengar ? (Archived)
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neo1mark133/30 10:27PM
Is it possible to make a competitive team that doesn't involve ugly pieces of (Archived)
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Magikarpus283/30 10:16PM
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How do I transfer my Pokes from Black 2 to X? (Archived)CheekoStick5293/30 10:09PM
Synchronoise on Eevee (Archived)
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shem33153/30 10:08PM
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Synchronize will not work on "bounced" status (Archived)kclaujames33/30 9:57PM
Old team to be Wonder traded (Archived)
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Huff n puff 20113/30 9:47PM
EV question? (Archived)grizz9623/30 9:47PM
Thanks GTS! (Archived)FinalInsanity23/30 9:38PM
Fixing complete ground immunity of flying and levitating Pokemon (Archived)
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kclaujames133/30 9:29PM