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Ban Dugtrio (Archived)
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Learned_Noremac135/9 7:16AM
What starter will you choose in OR/AS? (Poll)
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Darkhero555205/9 7:00AM
Do you think well get a second starter again? (Archived)Buskowski65/9 6:44AM
Mega Venusaur moveset? (Archived)Farfaduvet75/9 6:41AM
Whats a good Sableye set? (Archived)Nathbuds12335/9 6:39AM
Sleep Talk should be unable to choose Rest (Archived)cocomunga35/9 6:34AM
I f***ing hate f***ing Cloyster (Archived)hodelino105/9 6:33AM
Oh god that was scary to see... (Archived)ashrobb85/9 6:28AM
How often do you see Absol online? (Archived)thebrawler5635/9 6:22AM
Day Twelve! Which Pokegirl would own the Kalos Mon: Trevenant! (Poll)PrettyTonyTiger85/9 6:15AM
Think we'll ever get a new Shellos/Gastrodon? (Archived)pokemega3245/9 5:42AM
Signature pokemon. what's yours? (Archived)
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Mecasonic19861795/9 5:41AM
Another good Mega Pokemon Idea (Archived)Carlos99425/9 5:39AM
May, Flannery, Winona, and Phoebe in 3D! (Archived)
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Jkickit305/9 5:28AM
Looks like GF was being pretty clever with those names (Archived)supremeblaster35/9 5:28AM
Your reaction when you found out Hoenn remakes were confirmed (Archived)
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IceYoshi955/9 5:18AM
Out of the way, Hoenn remakes! (Archived)
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uuurrrggh165/9 4:52AM
charizard x: adamant or jolly? (Poll)
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I-Flygon-I135/9 4:35AM
Can I nickname a traded Pokemon? (Archived)Kaetross25/9 4:33AM
2 copies of X (Archived)gofghxg15/9 4:15AM