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Any nickname suggestions for this? (Archived)
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_KGC_266/14 12:55AM
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Will you miss the Skates if they are missing in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? (Archived)
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Thaxagoodname576/14 12:12AM
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Wil there ever be a Pokemon game... (Archived)EddMario56/13 11:49PM
Your reaction: Aegislash gets Secret Sword from OR/AS movetutors. (Archived)
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Fwahm126/13 11:35PM
ITT: list mega pokemon designs you like better then the original (Archived)
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Mynameispaul96326/13 11:32PM
Quick question about breeding moves onto a Pokemon (Archived)wantfastcars56/13 11:22PM
Give me a build for a bulky Chandelure (Archived)VampEpyre36/13 10:52PM
so is Darmanitan viable without Choice Scarf? (Archived)
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Serpent9891116/13 10:45PM
0 Priority Roar (Archived)
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MickeyRocksa286/13 10:44PM