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is getting 5IV rotom impossible? (Archived)moogle6956/13/2014
Which will happen first: Pokecheck ends maintenance, or Nuzlocke comic updated? (Poll)OrangeCrush98046/13/2014
Do you think there will ever be a pokemon game where you can..... (Archived)
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playing Pokemon Platinum. one Gym recycled from HeartGold. Spoilers (Archived)WizardofHoth36/13/2014
Questions and comments about Mega Evolution (Archived)milotic4496/13/2014
Rate the Mewtwo. (Archived)Nightcrawler6566/13/2014
So I'm borrowing a 2DS and Pokemon Y, whats the differences... (Archived)Agnostic42076/13/2014
Shiny Charm question (Archived)
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What if every time you got to 252 with an EV, you had the option to (Archived)
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Please Help Me (Archived)NokoPKMN46/13/2014
Froakie are you a keeper? (Archived)Cosmoesis36/13/2014
How many thought during your Birthday event the game froze? (Archived)ifkman76/13/2014
How to Breed HAs? (Archived)Dark_Magikarp46/13/2014
Any suggestions on improving this Aegislash build? (Archived)CrackersTheCat106/13/2014
Looking for a Charmander (Archived)eliseo856/13/2014
Need Dusclops/Duskull (Archived)burnoutpro1516/13/2014
Fairy Lock (Archived)fedartz26/13/2014
Battle Chateau Item Giving Quotes (Archived)UltimateXYZ16/13/2014
So what's a good build for Mega-Chomp? (Archived)jamstaere0836/13/2014
You know, barring the 3D models and new pokemon... (Archived)
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