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Top 10 Pokemon you will probably never see in a Wonder Trade (Archived)
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Nintendo35000vr445/18 1:07AM
Your Favorite Generation (Poll)
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schweedubz125/18 1:01AM
Should they keep making 3rd versions? (Poll)
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ThatKipp115/18 12:57AM
We need a Ghost / Fighting type (Archived)
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Doctor_Spanky195/18 12:57AM
Battle Maison Held Items (Archived)HandshakeGuy25/18 12:51AM
Can T-Tar still use Stealth Rocks with Assault Vest... (Archived)Mocha_Desire1275/18 12:32AM
Farming evolution stones at the inverse battle house? (Archived)Mikey81295/18 12:31AM
Mega starters and future games? (Poll)Brandon0015135/18 12:28AM
Choose My Challenge Run! (Poll)
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FinalInsanity165/18 12:15AM
Do you think they will ever change the style of pokemon games? (Archived)Coryo6182745/18 12:13AM
which set of rules takes the most skill (Archived)fakefire75/18 12:13AM
The medal for meeting a million people is called Extrovert. (Archived)GauRocks85/18 12:11AM
Are these good Stats,Nature, & IV for Pokemon Zygarde (Competitive wise)? (Archived)nanoninjas35/18 12:09AM
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If Gen 1 Mewtwo was reintroduced as its own Pokemon, would it break ubers? (Archived)LRodC65/17 11:49PM
Is Bug Bite worth it? (Archived)xxgamer91xx75/17 11:32PM
Why does showdown choose a move if you hover over it? (Archived)LightningAce1185/17 11:31PM
What's your favorite Poison move? (Poll)Missingno_Mastr65/17 10:56PM
Goofiest/Weirdest moveset or move on a pokemon (Archived)
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Serpent9891445/17 10:56PM
has there ever been a close to unbeatable team? (Archived)
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assassinCrash175/17 10:54PM