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How's this team for OU? (Archived)
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supremeblaster116/12 2:05AM
Your reaction if this happens to Mega-Sableye (Archived)
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cardoor123316/12 1:59AM
Ash's Froakie (Archived)willumpaige1786/12 1:55AM
anybody who grows berries do you ever get mad when one berry grow one berry (Archived)
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SavageSunbobo126/12 1:49AM
Do you prefer Foul Play or Knock-Off on Sableye. (Archived)SOAD565776/12 1:46AM
IS there any Pokemon Damage Calcutta (Archived)fedartz66/12 1:10AM
If Mega Sableye doesn't keep Prankster (Archived)ItsDat1Zangoose36/12 12:45AM
If you were a pirate, what would be your team? (Archived)
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timirchand624396/12 12:40AM
Mega Sableye's Gem (Archived)
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ssupermario92126/12 12:31AM
Looking for an Admant Absol (Archived)Udyr314736/12 12:28AM
Theory for Mega Sableye. (Archived)GamepyroIII26/12 12:16AM
Is Sableye banned? (Archived)wordlifepomp66/12 12:11AM
Here's my Mega Evolution predictions regarding key characters (Archived)GangstaLizard9566/11 11:56PM
Why is every cubones mother dead? (Archived)
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itrainpokemon116/11 11:52PM
I used to do competitive battling (Archived)
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Chronoman17316/11 11:43PM
YR: Mega Sableye get's it's own ability that combines Prankster and Magic Bounce (Archived)ItsDat1Zangoose96/11 11:39PM
Isn't Talonflame pretty much outclassed? (Archived)
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LRodC126/11 11:32PM
I don't like Mega Sceptile. (Archived)scrappybristol56/11 11:24PM
max speed SD Aegislash is pretty hilarious to use (Archived)KyrieIrving76/11 10:41PM
are some HA currently illegal? (Archived)Dwhite_1106/11 10:27PM