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Quick question about Hidden Abilities (Archived)Snake_Eyes27056/11 11:52AM
I haven't played since launch (Archived)El_Giganto46/11 11:39AM
Why Groudon's Fire/Ground type isn't such a bad thing. (Archived)
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Swamp-marsh-mud346/11 11:26AM
Good nature / HP for Yveltal.. (Archived)toujours_poke16/11 11:26AM
Is there a site with .pkm files similar to Pokecheck? (Archived)MeleeSonic9716/11 11:14AM
When will Professor Sycamore admit that Mega Evolution doesn't require "bonds". (Archived)
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DarkKirby2500136/11 11:05AM
Dazzling Gleam or Moonblast for Double Battles? (Archived)IAznDragonI Yan106/11 10:54AM
How to still battle on Showdown with April Fools Day sprites (Archived)Sephiroth032746/11 10:47AM
So has Mega Diancie a chance to become a viable Rock Type (Archived)
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hodelino156/11 10:37AM
What do you think of this Legendary Duo? (Archived)GangstaLizard9546/11 10:25AM
Do you think they will ever discontinue bank? (Archived)pmaster106/11 10:24AM
Surprised we didn't see Charizard's Final Smash in action tonight. (Archived)
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Froakie116/11 10:23AM
Stuck please help! (Archived)
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symach196/11 10:19AM
Have you hatched a perfect shiny? (Poll)
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TheResidentEvil166/11 9:34AM
increasing style quickly (Archived)chris_cowell66/11 9:25AM
Where's my Mega Ho-oh? (Archived)hodelino56/11 9:20AM
Your favorite Special tank/wall? (Archived)
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megATOMOS116/11 9:08AM
Help with competitive team. (Archived)AustinK90156/11 8:30AM
Starting an egglocke. Need donors. (Archived)
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Llanthana526/11 8:25AM
I need sets for ma Diggersbeh (Archived)wolf rider96/11 7:58AM