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What would survive that kind of devastation? (Archived)
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Lord_Chivalry266/9 1:13PM
Where the hell is my powersaves update? (Archived)MegaSableye16/9 1:04PM
am i dumb for thinking that an ability that blocks every non-super effective hit (Archived)Ballinari46/9 12:59PM
Mega Sceptile being weak to Ice... (Archived)
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HMinnow866/9 12:58PM
mega-confused (Archived)Frosslass46/9 12:53PM
OST Question (Archived)Davin13476/9 12:48PM
Rank all the starters from Favorite to least..... (Archived)
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fiyeroatheart156/9 12:39PM
Worth restarting? (Archived)CharlieDay2008106/9 12:25PM
YR: Mega Dialga (Archived)
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Dark_Zoroark136/9 12:21PM
There's Duskulls in Kirby Triple Deluxe. (Archived)King_of_Flan86/9 12:21PM
Shiny Mew (Archived)
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iamgaiden146/9 12:21PM
Electric still only one weakness? (Archived)Demongrantbramd26/9 12:18PM
Can anyone beat this calc? (Archived)
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jmeistermcjable186/9 12:16PM
Will revive moves/abilities ever implemented in Pokemon? (Archived)CeruleanGamer26/9 12:13PM
C/D: Poison is the most balanced typing (Archived)M3rett046/9 12:11PM
EV Spread for mold breaker Excadrill (Archived)
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Hikari5x176/9 12:09PM
New to Pokemon, which starter should I use? (Archived)Rot8er_ConeX86/9 12:06PM
Real Talk: Porygon deserves a Mega Evo (Archived)
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ElectricPorygon146/9 11:58AM
Worst Shiny design ever? (Archived)
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ShadowUmbreon42316/9 11:31AM
Just imagine Sceptile getting Electrify in ORAS (Archived)Haxdreigon26/9 11:29AM