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My Pokemon Y is corrupted (Archived)
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MetaDeDeDe155/31 7:16PM
When the h*** is GameFreak going to reveal Draceon?!!! (Archived)
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Rayquaza_is_Z845/31 7:11PM
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ponyta or rapidash? (Archived)pokemonhope85/31 6:52PM
Party pokemon replacement - any suggestions? *repost* (Archived)
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MegaRamza145/31 6:40PM
Need help in building team (Archived)
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raferogue155/31 6:22PM
Fun ways to level low level pokemon? (Archived)
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JustinYummy175/31 6:11PM
Evolite Sliggoo vs Leftovers Goodra (Poll)CptFluttershy65/31 5:53PM
Pokemon XY - Episode 28 and the Guipna Region (Archived)safeguarde45/31 5:49PM
Why did the Kingler use Ally Switch? (Archived)SkylaIsMyWife35/31 5:39PM
Pokerus (Archived)Nero_Advocate35/31 5:39PM
how do i make a 5-6iv steelix if i have no friends?? (Archived)KEWPIEmayo65/31 5:30PM
Steelix (Archived)MegaSableye65/31 5:28PM
Charizard is so underrated (Archived)
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DragalgeDNASamp215/31 5:08PM
Should I change anything in this team? (Archived)LightningAce11105/31 5:05PM
Question about Action Replay PowerSaves for X/Y (Archived)
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ElectroSaber155/31 5:03PM
Party pokemon replacement - any suggestions? (Archived)MegaRamza25/31 5:03PM
Rank the Megas (Archived)
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musumane115/31 4:57PM
is 4 ivs for a pokemon diamond/pearl darkrai event possible? (Archived)milotic4475/31 4:55PM
I wish Lilligant had a usable movepool. (Archived)Alpha218105/31 4:41PM