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Smogon puts Baton Pass on Suspect test. (Archived)
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Vesper2382346/9 11:33PM
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Why did they make Braixen so sexy? (Archived)
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AlphaDrogon136/9 10:29PM
How do i get rid of pokerus? (Archived)
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itachi00176/9 10:27PM
How old are Cynthia? (Archived)
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AFshinigami146/9 10:25PM
I've had a Shiny Mew since Heartgold and well... (Archived)
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Arceus5000376/9 10:25PM
Help with pokerus. (Archived)
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arrickang176/9 10:23PM
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Did we (the Pokemon Community) ever achieved the goal for (Archived)Blingya2526/9 9:38PM