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How many "choice" pokemon are there? (Archived)Dark Gunner76/5 3:19PM
Pokeball pattern Vivillon (Archived)
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milotic44146/5 3:18PM
What Klefki sets are viable? (Archived)
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Vivisqeq126/5 3:04PM
Is gentle a good nature for Vivillon? (Archived)milotic4496/5 2:55PM
I can't level my O Exp power (Archived)DepreceV236/5 2:51PM
Pokemon US Nationals will be live streamed! (July 5-6) [VGC,TCG,twitch] (Archived)Team Rocket Elite (M)16/5 2:50PM
Rate my Mewtwo (Archived)
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Arranos266/5 2:30PM
Which main pokemon game had the most fun IN-GAME? (Poll)
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djmetal777116/5 2:23PM
Do any of you guys collect Pokemon Cards or play Pokemon TCG? (Archived)
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MrPokemon73196/5 2:22PM
We should start a petition to get Game Freak/NOA to get some damn NA events! (Archived)NOM86/5 2:17PM
could eliza thornberry talk to pokemon? (Archived)Tatakai-No-Kami76/5 2:08PM
My Flareon has just been poisoned... (Archived)
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MissJocelyn176/5 1:55PM
Think of your favorite pokemon... (Archived)
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Lord_Chivalry526/5 1:40PM
Is Freeze Dry 4x effective when used on Gastrodon? (Archived)
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chunkyshtew166/5 1:37PM
Pokemon Zombie World Survival. Can you survive and Rebuild? (Archived)
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Stickyslurpuff646/5 1:26PM
Anywhere I can see all the colosseum different Shiny Models? (Archived)Kapuxa46/5 1:19PM
JK vs HJK (Archived)Uberjoyx96/5 1:18PM
Your favorite shiny animation (Poll)
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choicespec156/5 1:14PM
Need breeding advices :/ (Archived)JKFlipFlop11856/5 12:52PM
What is the deadline for June Competition registeration in EST zone? (Archived)GalacticAnthem16/5 12:33PM