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Which pokemon do you find unoticed? (Archived)Burning_Revenge95/30 6:13PM
Popular pokemon that you just don't like and why (Archived)
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Gyara needs more than just bite upon evolution (Archived)discodancer7765/30 5:37PM
Should Snorlax get Scrappy? (Poll)b619poke95/30 5:13PM
Yr: The hitmons now have 100 hp. (Archived)
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kadabrium115/30 5:03PM
YR: EVs are now scaled by stats (Archived)Fwahm75/30 4:57PM
ITT: All Stats are rearranged (Archived)
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SalsaSavant295/30 4:54PM
Is anyone else a little tired of lucario? (Archived)mudballman85/30 4:53PM
What is powersaves? (Archived)ClassyCatt25/30 4:49PM
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Lucario is unworthly of mega evolution. (Archived)Bryan_Skull85/30 4:35PM
Not breeding any female pokemon. (Archived)MelloXIII45/30 4:31PM
What do you guys think of my team? (Archived)metalmario40415/30 4:30PM
Which Charizard should I use? (Archived)
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KazamA87205/30 4:16PM
Why exactly does pokeball Vivillon come in a cherish ball? (Archived)
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MegaSableye245/30 4:00PM
How to counter Scarfed Jirachi? (Archived)
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wolf rider125/30 3:51PM
Some people are so ignorant. (Archived)
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SomeLikeItHoth135/30 3:49PM
Why do people still act so surprised when they find out Charizard is only 5'7"? (Archived)john150bacardi55/30 3:44PM