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Name a pokemon that knows a move type weak to itself (Archived)
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Klefki or Shuckle in my team? (Archived)
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EvandroP136/7 6:14PM
Rate My Mono-Psychic Team! (Archived)ZeldaFan11346/7 6:03PM
"Gen 5/6 are too new for them to get Mega Evolutions" (Archived)
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DigiDude77296/7 5:59PM
Corocoro Reveals on Serebii! (Archived)
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Xodiark1286/7 5:41PM
Can someone explain how Liepard+Assist works? (Archived)pkingdom76/7 5:39PM
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... I finally figured out why Lightningrod makes sense (Archived)
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InhaledCorn116/7 5:33PM
Diancie's low HP is going to destroy it. (Archived)LRodC56/7 5:26PM
Give a Pokemon a move that makes sense. (Archived)
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BandAegislash476/7 5:26PM
May got the bella figura of young attractive women (Archived)fedartz26/7 5:22PM
Mega-Charizard Y used Brick Break on my Togekiss (Archived)TYFTM86/7 5:08PM
Pokemon is so confusing now. (Archived)
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941Blaze136/7 5:02PM
So whos gonna support Torchic next game and choose him? (Poll)djmetal77766/7 4:55PM
This blew my mind... How is this possible? (Battle Mansion) (Archived)
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DepreceV2196/7 4:28PM
Anyone else planning to have an in-game team for ORAS? (Archived)gsadr12356/7 4:24PM
ITT: Make up an episode of the anime where Ash and the gang encounter a Hodor. (Archived)Svedeesh_Cheff106/7 4:10PM