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Finally got my shiny Phantump :D (Archived)slothica96/1 12:54PM
Relicanth (Archived)Sacrifleece36/1 12:52PM
Is there any way to make sure the bred pokemon will have a hidden ability? (Archived)ShinyCharizard856/1 12:49PM
How long until... (Archived)shamfuru46/1 12:34PM
YR: The next Pokemon spin-off is an Action/Rpg where the Trainers fight too (Archived)MasterSpectrobe66/1 12:30PM
Anyone else disappointed by the lack of Wifi events we had for this game? (Archived)
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TrunksTheMighty1116/1 12:28PM
I'm confused at this battle... (Archived)Lobster4436/1 12:25PM
Create your Mega : Legendary Edition (Archived)Tatan_93106/1 12:25PM
Diglett is the best! (Archived)DojoOfDirt76/1 12:22PM
Got to 100 wins on Super Singles again. back 1000+ BP:D (Archived)King_of_Flan86/1 12:19PM
Were there any hints towards Kalos in Gen V? (Archived)DasManiac86/1 12:17PM
What Are Your Favorite Berries? (Archived)Tourtus36/1 12:15PM
What theme's will next gen Legendary Pokemon could have? (Archived)
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GangstaLizard95216/1 12:13PM
Brave and Quiet Aegislash (Archived)Bow_Arrow86/1 12:07PM
If Gamefreak ever decides to design a Dolphin Pokemon it should be like this (Archived)
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MasterSpectrobe386/1 11:54AM
Pokemon X/Y 6v6 single battles? (Archived)
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permanenteffect136/1 11:53AM
when do you think pokemon x (Archived)OldSkoola00126/1 11:52AM
About the mega mewtwo in that genesect movie... (spoilers?) (Archived)Cookie Bag56/1 11:52AM
On Serebii... (Archived)
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samus885826/1 11:50AM
this is amazing (Archived)samus88526/1 11:46AM