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Okay we can change abilities now... why can't we change genders? (Archived)
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TastyOrifiel155/29 11:07AM
Which belly drum user do you like the best? (Poll)
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dioxxys265/29 10:49AM
Lick attack is a ghost move that works on humans in the anime.. (Archived)Foolishhumans2325/29 10:46AM
What if: Item version of Serene Grace (Archived)Fwahm35/29 10:42AM
Do you think it's time to buff the pinch berries? (Poll)
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noobita029125/29 10:32AM
RP Signups! TWGCIP! (Archived)
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Pendragon71037615/29 10:32AM
Why are there these bums on Showdown? (plus more Krookodile awsomeness!) (Archived)
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wolf rider175/29 10:01AM
Power herb (Archived)kyr5p33dy65/29 9:58AM
Why doesn't Heliolisk get any good special Normal STAB? (Archived)
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MariaAlteration115/29 9:54AM
Which is more reliable? (Archived)Reptobismol35/29 9:28AM
Sometimes that extra attack will cost you. (Archived)Lord_Chivalry15/29 8:53AM
Exploud needs to be used more (Archived)Nathbuds12395/29 8:47AM
Remember when explosion used to be a good a move (Archived)Slayerblade1195/29 8:40AM
Question regarding IVs (Archived)
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LiquidusSnake2145/29 8:38AM
Game Freak need to allow 600BST event Pokemon (Archived)
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kingjam1125/29 8:25AM
Pokemon Delta Emerald (Archived)
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HeavyMetalLamb175/29 8:17AM
whats the fire version of zap cannon? (Archived)
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dioxxys285/29 8:03AM
Your favorie Pokemon, Region, and City? (Archived)punisher1379105/29 7:52AM
I havent played this game in like 3 months and i dont feel like i ever will (Archived)drlolimaster65/29 7:12AM
C/D: Poisoning a mon that has regular poison should turn it into toxic poison. (Archived)
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KillerMechanoid195/29 7:05AM