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So Scrappy or Mold breaker on Pangoro (Archived)
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Dante2049216/5 8:23PM
Naming my shiny Quagsire... (Poll)
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Steel_Shadows206/5 8:10PM
Breeding 6IV Ditto with Destiny Knot Question? (Archived)Jessie201266/5 8:05PM
I wish that people using baton pass teams were banned from playing pokemon. (Archived)
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BlackBlueButts266/5 8:02PM
List your favorite pokemon. (Archived)MegaRamza56/5 7:55PM
Barely any events. Wow. (Archived)
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ShinyTepig296/5 7:54PM
The school principal laughs at me for playing Pokemon (Archived)
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Starmence276/5 7:48PM
coverage. (Archived)cr4a5y56/5 7:44PM
I wish Charizard got Hurricane (Archived)ChimeranElite76/5 7:43PM
Granbull help (Archived)dbzbadman0616/5 7:18PM
A Guts Swellow Facade can KO a Kyogre. (Archived)supremeblaster26/5 7:16PM
Why is Serena so waifu? (Archived)
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Lord_Chivalry286/5 7:13PM
Are you a stereotypical nerd pokemon guy? (Archived)
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itrainpokemon516/5 7:02PM
A blissful chance... (Poll)
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RenzAllen7226/5 6:44PM
new fakemon idea (Archived)Mrprowley96/5 6:34PM
Beedrill's stingers in pokemon amie? (Archived)GJTheIllumise46/5 6:31PM
Egg move question (Archived)dbzbadman0646/5 6:17PM
Protean Kecleon gets Skill Swap from Sylveon. (Archived)
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primusnine196/5 5:51PM
Describe where you live by using ANY Area within ANY Game (Archived)Burning_Revenge56/5 5:49PM
What causes a pokemon to have pokerus? (Archived)MegaRamza46/5 5:48PM