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How do you game chat in this game ? (Archived)Charmander7526/5 12:25PM
Delphox is officially RU (Archived)
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OrangeCrush980276/5 12:20PM
I like Safety Goggles (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger196/5 12:20PM
There is now a crossover between Pokemon and your last non-Pokemon game played. (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz1156/5 12:13PM
friend safari(not looking for one) (Archived)natsu1236/5 12:12PM
I'm confused- Super Training/EVs related (Archived)crystalfury240646/5 11:55AM
List of all TMs? (Archived)refmon16/5 11:46AM
best place for moon stones? (Archived)chris_cowell76/5 11:34AM
How Good is this Zangoose? (Archived)
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SpecsDoubIade146/5 11:31AM
A Question for every hacker that have a Diancie... (Archived)Fighter1st16/5 11:27AM
Why do people think that smogon is the devil? (Archived)
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Mynameispaul96126/5 11:21AM
Does weakness Policy activate behind a Substitute? (Archived)DarkHeroZX26/5 11:02AM
Make a new Pokemon line that has 'Parental Bond' as an ability that isn't OP/UP. (Archived)
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paipr366/5 10:55AM
Name a pokemon with a move type neutral to itself. (Archived)BaconLicious86/5 10:49AM
So uhhh, Xerneas was just captured after my ultra ball rocked once (Archived)
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Johnny the Master166/5 10:37AM
hack checker? (Archived)dj100346/5 10:36AM
Has anyone lost Pokemon by not paying for Pokebank yet? (Archived)Unown_20166/5 10:30AM
Name a pokemon that knows a move type resistant to itself (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz226/5 10:26AM
Can anyone list the things you can only do in X that I should do before selling? (Archived)Dark Gunner76/5 10:08AM
What team archetype is your favorite? (Poll)Mynameispaul96106/5 10:06AM