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Were do you get that coffin pokemon (Archived)
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itrainpokemon246/5 9:20AM
Question about bw and rng roaming. (Archived)Kazuma_Yagami46/5 9:15AM
What do you think of Parasect? (Archived)
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Worm199116/5 8:39AM
What do you do about baton pass,double team espeons? (Archived)itrainpokemon66/5 8:38AM
Swampert or Rhyperior (Archived)Dragoon0876/5 8:10AM
Ideas for a live-action Pokemon movie (Archived)Svedeesh_Cheff96/5 7:54AM
Best Black Sludge users? (Archived)
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rojse296/5 7:53AM
What pokemon make good use of a stat up move and taunt? (Archived)gbagcn46/5 7:53AM
Does Hyper Beam always come from the mouth? (Archived)
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Jayroach2126/5 7:50AM
What is a good moveset for this chandelure in this team (Archived)itrainpokemon66/5 7:49AM
TMs and Move tutors no longer exist (Archived)
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Slayerblade11126/5 7:49AM
I'm upset that spammable outrage and close combat isnt a thing anymore. (Archived)
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BlackBlueButts126/5 7:41AM
Any advice for encountering Zapdos? (Archived)Potatoman896/5 7:17AM
Breeding Question.. (Archived)comet01846/5 6:52AM
Why are Malamar's stats so awful? (Archived)
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Mobile_Platform536/5 5:27AM
Triples are actually really fun :D (Archived)ShadowUmbreon4256/5 5:13AM
My best OU team; suggestions? (Archived)Faust_886/5 4:54AM
How do I evolve Gligar? (Archived)rojse96/5 4:52AM
Powersave broken/Please help ): (Archived)slugbrains86/5 4:52AM
Talonwho? (Archived)_Mega_Pinsir_96/5 4:16AM