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If any Berry and Pokemon existed in real life, what would you want it to be? (Archived)
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DragalgeDNASamp146/1 5:12AM
Metagross now learns Shift Gear (Archived)Slayerblade1126/1 4:59AM
Smeargle- Shell Smash or DDance (Poll)b619poke86/1 4:48AM
What Rotom do you run and with what set? (Archived)wolf rider76/1 4:33AM
offensive rain team (for doubles) (Archived)
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TheWhiskaz156/1 4:32AM
Which type comes next? (Poll)
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MegaSableye736/1 4:20AM
Gamefaqs Ultimate Legendary Pokemon / Battle 5: Dialga vs. Diancie (Poll)
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airsoft246286/1 4:12AM
Gamefaqs Ultimate Legendary Pokemon / Battle 6: Entei vs. Dragonite (Poll)airsoft24616/1 4:09AM
so when they eventually remake pokemon BW, will we finally get pokemon gray? (Archived)Tatakai-No-Kami56/1 3:41AM
Which one do you like more: Round 55 - Mew or Mewtwo? (Poll)
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Paulo123146/1 3:34AM
Good Rapid Spinners? (Archived)
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Alpha218116/1 3:17AM
HP ice Liligant, bad or good omen? (Archived)fedartz36/1 3:02AM
whats wrong with powersaves? (Archived)howlmoon86/1 2:54AM
Is there a point of the best time ribbons in super training? (Archived)davekm116/1 2:50AM
Any problems with this OU sand team? (Archived)Mynameispaul9686/1 2:37AM
Mono normal run (Archived)jman197816/1 2:16AM
Seismic Toss Chansey/Blissey (Archived)gamerofNS46/1 1:30AM
Mega garde sweep (Archived)Dathedr-vodhr86/1 1:23AM
What do you guys think, wait for the new remakes or rebuy X or Y? (Archived)GeminiX7106/1 12:46AM
Pokemon piano song number 2! (Archived)Xavuu65/31 11:12PM