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Best legendary mediator? (Poll)
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Does mainland China have Pokemon games? (Archived)
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Roserade won't breed with Bellsprout? (Help?) (Archived)Banditfly84/13 8:53AM
I don't own a 3ds, and only play pokemon on showdown (Archived)
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Egg moves poll #20 - Dratini (Poll)Magikarpus84/13 8:39AM
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Remember when Ditto Safari's were worth something? (Archived)
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TheRamosOnline134/13 8:18AM
Would lagging tail work as a good aegislash counter? (Archived)gbagcn34/13 8:16AM
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What the hell? (Friend Safari related) (Archived)maestro64/13 8:04AM
When will the next game be revealed... (Archived)LegendofDarkrai44/13 7:53AM
This side (Smogon) wont accept us, we form our own. (Archived)
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fedartz344/13 7:49AM