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before this gen: no shinies besides gyara/haxorus. this gen I hatched 11 shinies (Archived)BowserWowser43/25 5:22AM
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outrage or dragon claw for multiscale dragonite? (Archived)
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XrossGuang223/25 5:01AM
Send me backups and I'll help crack Pokemon (Archived)Dylon9213/25 4:44AM
Page 1 to Shiny (Archived)
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samsonati163/25 4:22AM
Electric Pokemon cannot be paralyzed (Archived)
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kclaujames293/25 4:12AM
What's a better nickname for Talonflame? (Part 2) (Poll)CakeOfLies73/25 4:00AM
Should I buy Pokemon X or another 3DS Game? (Poll)
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Kadoatie133/25 3:59AM
Is it possible to reset for Xerneas's IVs? (Archived)Mariabelle63/25 3:40AM
Hey guys (Archived)Kaeaja73/25 3:24AM
Wow. +2 mega mawile sucker punch can 2hko mega aggron (Archived)LightningAce1173/25 3:14AM
Do event pokemon have memories? (Archived)mosskobe273/25 3:12AM
GTS giveaway advice (Archived)deafdood53/25 3:02AM
Can't interact with other players over Wi-Fi (Archived)Meeh43/25 2:59AM
So who was the rival's famous gym leader parents? (Archived)wolf rider43/25 2:38AM
Quick question about deerling and its forms. (Archived)antiheroforhire33/25 2:18AM
I actually want MORE cities like Luminose (Archived)Genericgamer66783/25 2:09AM
Are there any soul dew in X&Y? (Archived)V3kobeV343/25 2:08AM
How much Speed EVs does a Meowstic (M) need to outspeed an Adamant Talonflame? (Archived)andrewx7283/25 1:56AM
Battle Spot crap. (Archived)HaouDavid53/25 1:55AM