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creating charizard X (Archived)Ynara105/31 1:30AM
Hey azumarill, you wanna play rough? (Archived)
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LightningAce11135/31 1:30AM
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What's a good speed for MegaZard X to reach at +1 for the Battle Maison? (Archived)Zeth_Cross35/31 12:49AM
Am I the only X here who likes Y? (Archived)kyousaya25/31 12:43AM
list of pokemon that can beat mega khan easily (Archived)
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neo1mark235/31 12:38AM
Looking for hyper voice bold eevee/ralts and extreme speed dratini (Archived)greenpoketeam95/30 11:27PM
Should I keep this Xerneas? (Archived)
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EthnicLex305/30 11:23PM
Help solve my ordeal (Archived)
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DeathParade87185/30 11:09PM
Man... it sure would be nice (Archived)
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themediumone215/30 11:02PM
Looking for a wall on my team... (Archived)crayola55525/30 10:59PM
competitive male meowstic (Archived)cr4a5y105/30 10:49PM
What town or city has the person who tells your hidden power type ? (Archived)Charmander7535/30 10:02PM
I just hatched a shiny Helioptile. (Archived)Kiro_nami75/30 10:01PM
What pokemon would be amazing if they were fast? (slower mons) (Archived)
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dioxxys135/30 10:00PM
Spewpa (Archived)
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SkylaIsMyWife225/30 9:52PM
my list of kanto pokemon that could go mega (Archived)
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Mrprowley195/30 9:51PM
I have a brilliant idea for a poison move (Archived)wolf rider105/30 9:50PM
Shauna is secretly... (Archived)MegaSableye65/30 8:50PM
Trick Room and Safeguard (Archived)Uberjoyx35/30 8:43PM