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Is it even possible to create a team that can counter everything? (Archived)wolf rider65/29 5:49AM
How many counters actually exist? (Archived)
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LightningAce11355/29 5:34AM
Regarding Masuda Method and Non-kalos/Ditto/Language/Region (Archived)mojurico65/29 5:33AM
Help forming a team (using this thread to also keep track of my team) (Archived)AboveAllFear45/29 5:29AM
Are competitive Shiny Kalos-Bred worth a lot? (Archived)
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sammyboy9378165/29 5:23AM
Does Wonder Trading make Pokemon evolve if they have a trade evolution? (Archived)gsadr12375/29 5:13AM
Weather questions (Archived)TheWhiskaz35/29 4:44AM
Did Quiver Dance ever sharply raise stats? (Archived)Zeldafan7755/29 4:10AM
Are these four Vivillon patterns really rare? (Archived)
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King_of_Flan175/29 4:00AM
so with coming to 6th gen (soon, hopefully) is there a reason to have pokemon... (Archived)BowserWowser85/29 3:56AM
Canonically Strongest Pokemon Trainer... (Archived)
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SyntheticFrost895/29 3:55AM
More strange things about Pokemon in Taiwan and Hong Kong... (Archived)R-A-V95/29 3:54AM
Why do the rare berries take so long to grow? (Archived)
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heavyarmsjim37395/29 3:35AM
I'm convinced people usually want Ability Capsules just have them. (Archived)King_of_Flan85/29 3:24AM
Think of a pokemon before entering! (Archived)
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LightningAce11115/29 3:20AM
How many hours have you wasted on Pokemon X/Y? (Archived)
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TheDoberman1175/29 3:20AM
Which one do you like more: Round 51 - Litwick or Swablu? (Poll)Paulo123105/29 2:47AM
ITT: We list horrible 3D models of Pokemon in this game (Archived)
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hodelino515/29 2:40AM
What's with Hong Kong people having thousands of "Nice!"s? (Archived)ItsDat1Zangoose25/29 2:39AM
Lol (Showdown Replay) (Archived)gsadr12355/29 2:32AM