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We need more ... (Poll)
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Chenmaster2124/17 3:41PM
more powersaves hax stuff- any rotom can now have any signature form move (Archived)SpoonMan5432184/17 3:39PM
Essentials for a manly team (Archived)
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Plant42984/17 3:39PM
So...serious question. What makes Wash Rotom better than the others? (Archived)
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cloud_8f8f154/17 3:21PM
Calling it now third is called A and Z (Archived)
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Kiurx114/17 3:19PM
Do I need Thundurus or Tornadus in my team for Landorus to appear in B/W? (Archived)Vivisqeq44/17 2:59PM
Need a Sylveon EV spread, info inside. (Archived)TheAkujiki34/17 2:43PM
C/D Charizard X is the reason why X is more popular than Y (Archived)
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pcmike2194/17 2:37PM
Anyone else here like Garbodor? (Archived)
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Rupin_Salesman164/17 2:31PM
Grovyle vs. Sceptile, with a twist (Poll)OrangeCrush98044/17 2:19PM
How would I improve this team? (Archived)
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Infinity8378114/17 2:18PM
New Global Link Attraction "Graffiti Eraser" (Archived)
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Lucario_Player204/17 2:17PM
shiny starter sring (Archived)Toon_Link_ww104/17 1:58PM
There should be tipping in SSB and tripping in Pokemon. (Archived)
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CakeOfLies144/17 1:56PM
What is all this talk about 5 IV Xerneas??? (Archived)cloud_8f8f64/17 1:47PM
Got something from Wonder Trade... (Archived)SilveryZangoose64/17 1:37PM
How can I get an Eevee in a Love Ball? (Archived)KobeSystem34/17 1:36PM
RMT 3v3s? (Archived)flamepelt74/17 1:35PM
Rate my team :) (Archived)Greatdaen24/17 1:34PM
ITT: We draw our favorite shiny in MS Paint (Archived)
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Lonta_Beans444/17 1:33PM