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How good would Zoroark be if Team Preview didn't exist? (Archived)
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PokemonYoutube165/28 5:50AM
Yveltal vs. Xerneas (Archived)
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KReborn185/28 5:28AM
Loss Questions *spoiler (Archived)zinformant65/28 5:26AM
Has anyone gotten their enigma berry yet? (Archived)Odeoman85/28 5:16AM
Which Hidden Power is the best for Lilligant. (Poll)Edwen095/28 5:05AM
The Official Gamefaqs Pokemon X Board Logic Club! (Archived)charman555/28 4:47AM
Ash Ketchum's birthday was last week! He couldn't get a topic? (Archived)Mage_Lord85/28 4:47AM
Why isnt Pokemon Y the main board? (Archived)
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Bellethor215/28 4:46AM
Is Pokemon your favorite RPG? (Archived)
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Thaxagoodname395/28 4:10AM
Baton Pass too stong for Smogon, but not for Krookodile (Archived)
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wolf rider135/28 3:55AM
What is your player character's nickname used for? (Archived)
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RocketJess185/28 3:29AM
Highest consecutive super double battle? (Archived)Mobile_Platform35/28 3:27AM
Pokemon themed clothing for male characters? (Archived)TheWhiskaz35/28 3:15AM
Pikachu appreciation topic (Archived)Jayroach245/28 3:08AM
Good nickname for blastoise (Archived)
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Dwhite_1225/28 3:05AM
Which one do you like more: Round 50 - Lucario or Garchomp? (Poll)
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Paulo123315/28 2:10AM
a new dark type move : nut shot (Archived)
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neo1mark265/28 1:50AM
PWT Champions with mega evolution (Archived)noobita029105/28 1:10AM
YR: The Trumpets in Pokemon ORAS are replaced with Saxophone! (Archived)hodelino105/28 12:59AM
Suggest a Pokemon to counter above posters Pokemon (Archived)
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TalesOfXAndY425/28 12:57AM