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How do i get a Litwick w/ Infiltrator? (Archived)GravelKing55/30 2:12PM
Physical Greninja vs. Special Greninja (Archived)
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KReborn185/30 1:47PM
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Pokemon riddles! (Archived)
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Missingno_Mastr5005/30 1:34PM
Machoke used POUND, Machoke used POUND, Machoke used POUND (Archived)dioxxys25/30 1:34PM
Weird/Cool M-scizor moveset (Archived)
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WDemon483145/30 1:30PM
is their any interest for a FREE Enigma Berry GTS giveaway (Poll)
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Jediknight1985115/30 1:29PM
[]RM mega khan T (Archived)kadabrium85/30 1:22PM
What are the OU tier Special attack sweepers? (Archived)
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itrainpokemon415/30 1:16PM
Friend safari hidden abilities (Archived)dbzbadman0635/30 1:14PM
Pokemon Powersaves (Archived)Detinator24755/30 1:12PM
Best/Worst Pokemon Rock Round 1.1 (Poll)
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Ice_Dragon14125/30 1:09PM
So I'm in the process of Wonder Trading away a bunch of Koffing. (Archived)
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Missingno_Mastr315/30 1:04PM
Beautifly cuter than vivillon (Archived)
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milotic44135/30 12:27PM
what pokemon is hoopa? (Archived)ftbplyr98195/30 12:17PM
Of all the pokemon and moves that the champion uses... (Archived)adam15019245/30 12:13PM
Over 5 Haunters seen in route 14 but not one ekans horde (Archived)Culturally_Lao75/30 12:12PM
Someone called me a Smogonf** on Showdown (Archived)gsadr123105/30 12:04PM
Event Pokemon with wrong Moves - is it fake? (Archived)Tacanacy35/30 12:01PM
VoltTurn intimidating on physical sweepers (Archived)TheFAQKing65/30 11:57AM