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Pokemon Facts that you didn't know about Zygarde (Archived)
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Bryan_Skull125/31 12:15PM
Who is better? Mega Kangaskhan, or Slaking without Truant? (Archived)LRodC75/31 12:15PM
Is eviolite gligar a good pokemon? (Archived)RadiantVaporeon105/31 12:09PM
Set ideas for Impish Bulletproof Chesnaught? (Archived)iChoseScylla95/31 12:02PM
Am I the only one who likes Mawile? (Archived)ItsDat1Zangoose105/31 11:57AM
Missingno. Master's MS Paint Pokemon Art! (Archived)
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Missingno_Mastr205/31 11:55AM
If you use focus blast 8 times in a row, how many do you expect to hit? (Archived)
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SOAD5657155/31 11:52AM
Pick two Pokemon that'd fit your personality (Archived)
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CptFluttershy255/31 11:47AM
Decided to try breeding for a shiny for the first time ever. (Archived)Tempest71725/31 11:46AM
Make up a new type... (Archived)
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schweedubz265/31 11:30AM
Which new type would you like to see most? (Poll)schweedubz65/31 11:29AM
I just realized that I'm Aurorus... (Archived)
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Starmence135/31 11:23AM
Uber and event-only legendaries are now banned from "Think Fast!" competition (Archived)Houndourtwo55/31 11:23AM
Help me fix my horrible 0 wins squad (Archived)
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itrainpokemon575/31 11:22AM
KB SpDefensive Rotom-W Itemless Set (Archived)FinalInsanity75/31 11:16AM
If Mega Pinsir had Extreme Speed... (Archived)
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ItsDat1Zangoose205/31 11:16AM
if you use Fire Blast 8 times, how many do you expect to hit? (Archived)
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TheFAQKing285/31 11:14AM
just completed my butterfly collection thanks to the gts (Archived)SavageSunbobo95/31 11:06AM
Can somebody list their OU team? I need an idea of whats usable (Archived)
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itrainpokemon335/31 11:01AM
Have you seen the Pokemon movies? (Poll)
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schweedubz195/31 10:39AM