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Delphox is tied with meganium as worst starter in my book. (Archived)
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LightningAce11543/20 3:48PM
So Cosmic power lopunny makes Mega Venasaur the biggest ass ever (Archived)dioxxys103/20 3:38PM
Which unused secondary type do you most want for a next gen starter? (Poll)
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Juxtaposition7143/20 3:30PM
Is this a good set? (Archived)FoundAUsername73/20 3:17PM
Just caught a Ralts, best place to grind? (Archived)
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ZeldaFan113243/20 3:15PM
Just caught my first legit shiny just after finishing the 3rd gym. (Archived)MrBamboozled53/20 3:14PM
Pick one you would want every Eeveelution to have (Poll)
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HHDeception193/20 3:08PM
Y YOU DO THIS, y? (Archived)raymond200047633/20 3:07PM
Which one of these pokemon should I use for my team? (Poll)Kadoatie73/20 2:58PM
Which Attack lets you miss the most? (Poll)
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Carlos994143/20 2:58PM
ITT bad pokemon puns (Archived)Teh_Tiltyu103/20 2:56PM
Has anyone ever told you "bg" instead of "gg?" (Archived)SOAD565753/20 2:54PM
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Good, slow sweeper for blaziken to pass to? (Archived)
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KaosDevil163/20 2:52PM
Fisher Boy's a QT! (Archived)navi85473/20 2:50PM
Pokemon who's stabs are so powerful they dont need to setup? (Archived)
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dioxxys163/20 2:49PM
Powersave keeps saying "web operation failed." Help anyone? (Archived)Smasher12345633/20 2:44PM