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The X/Y anime just inspired a new breeding project ... (Archived)Mr_Popel14/28 4:59PM
Shiny vivilon different for each form? (Archived)dudeboy63854/28 4:58PM
What is the worst Pokemon in the game that evolves from something? (Archived)
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LRodC184/28 4:52PM
How does Charizard cook his steak? (Archived)arvinkong123104/28 4:49PM
Does anyone here actually like Team Flare? (Archived)bopbop6684/28 4:49PM
What did you ever do with Poke Bank? (Poll)
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DKU_Arich244/28 4:47PM
So I'm trying to put together my team, and I don't know where to go from here. (Archived)Mocha_Desire1224/28 4:18PM
Dumbest wins your life ever experienced (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger314/28 4:13PM
How likely is it for nintendo to release another event surf pikachu? (Archived)
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milotic44154/28 4:10PM
Protip: Name your Volcarona "HPGrass" (Archived)Magikarpus64/28 4:06PM
People can't trade or fight with hacked/cloned pokemon online, right? (Archived)
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Markmallow134/28 3:51PM
Battle Video Topic (Archived)Raltrios14/28 3:47PM
Oh my God (Archived)
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7up1001114/28 3:46PM
Did you like the Gen V games (Black/White Black 2/White 2)? (Poll)
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Judgmenl424/28 3:41PM
My Latios set for 1v1 (Archived)warriorman22254/28 3:40PM
its a shame that mega-pinsir rarely abuses its bug typing (Archived)Ballinari34/28 3:38PM
Critdra EV and moveset help. (Archived)supremeblaster94/28 3:36PM
What IS Lugia anyway? (Archived)
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CakeOfLies154/28 3:36PM
Which set? (Archived)OfficerZangoose64/28 3:35PM
Mega Absol is cute enough to be a Fairy Type right? (Archived)
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Chenmaster2144/28 3:35PM