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Favourite dark type? (Archived)
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BlackBlueButts186/2 8:19PM
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Number of North American Gen VI events: 1 (Archived)
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Judgmenl206/2 8:09PM
What if Fairy had their own sucker punch? Both special and physical? (Archived)FryDays5000106/2 7:53PM
I got this Tornadus named "Mascara Man" from Wonder Trade, I asummed its hacked. (Archived)Ballinari46/2 7:43PM
Any strange pokemon that you use? (Archived)
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lolsophia7216/2 7:18PM
my first pokerman game need help (Archived)datemasamuneX26/2 7:10PM
What Vivillon pattern does Viola have? (Archived)gsadr12386/2 7:05PM
Who's excited for Pokemon day? (Archived)
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Jayroach2246/2 7:03PM
3ds time and garchompite (Archived)Shalalu86/2 6:59PM
If there were priority moves for every type, would the metagame be polarized... (Archived)King_of_Flan36/2 6:33PM
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Question about Dex filling. (Archived)NShader76/2 6:18PM
LF: Pokemon (Archived)gamingrat36/2 6:04PM
What is a new common set for Salamence? (Archived)itrainpokemon96/2 6:02PM
Burnout and Hiatus? (Archived)
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DeathParade87226/2 5:54PM
YR: Earthquake is now exclusive to Ground type Pokemon and is nerfed to 90 BP. (Archived)LRodC86/2 5:43PM
First time trying the Masuda method (Archived)Merc12326/2 5:41PM
Pokemon Mafia game: Sign up topic (OPEN) (Archived)
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CaptainZangoose226/2 5:28PM