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Do you really need a 6 perfect iv ditto to get what u want ? (Archived)Charmander7575/28 6:26PM
theres just no winning with this crappy fanbase (Archived)
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Tatakai-No-Kami1325/28 6:18PM
Create signature moves for legendary Pokemon (Archived)
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Hachimitsu83215/28 6:16PM
C/D The lake guardians get the following as their hidden abilities (Archived)Noble-Heart65/28 6:10PM
For 252atk/252speed EV spreads, where should the remaining 4EVs go? (Archived)The_Last_Azn75/28 6:07PM
need some help... mega stones (Archived)Tino45/28 6:01PM
yea so i messed up and need advice (Archived)
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Dwhite_1155/28 6:01PM
Post Weird Damage Calcs here (Archived)
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samus885325/28 6:00PM
The next game should have Sturdy Mode (Archived)Fwahm75/28 5:59PM
Modest Rotom-W moveset? (Archived)Guitarplayer1845/28 5:25PM
So I am almost to the top on Pokemon Showdown.. (Archived)assassinCrash105/28 5:24PM
Mega mewtwo X (Poll)RenzAllen795/28 5:24PM
Tauros should learn milk drink (Poll)choicespec75/28 5:18PM
If i make a new file, will i still have the mystery gift? (Archived)
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RadiantSword135/28 5:18PM
weird comments on showdown replay (Archived)Hydregionzek55/28 5:13PM
My First Shiny (Archived)demonslayer136425/28 4:52PM
Best non-legendary Electric Types? (Archived)
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ObtuseAngina195/28 4:40PM
Female Wobbuffet - the horror (Archived)MegaRamza105/28 4:40PM
If Xerneas got Play Rough, would physical be more popular than Geoherb? (Archived)
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The Fir Coat165/28 4:17PM
Is Venusaur still viable in OU without a Venusaurite? (Archived)
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MrDerpFTW125/28 3:45PM