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ITT: Weird items/moves you've seen on Pokemon. (Archived)
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Unknown Force255/30 11:53AM
Help Complete my Dex for donations (Archived)dragoonslayer1265/30 11:50AM
Why hasn't there been any wifi event pokemon release yet? (Archived)GaurdianAuron45/30 11:48AM
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Cynthia VS Diantha in a physical fight (Archived)
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Lili_Rocheforte185/30 11:29AM
Where's all the frickin' NA events??? (Archived)
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NOM115/30 11:27AM
Which of these two teams are better? (Opinions appeciated) (Archived)
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DeathParade87155/30 11:21AM
Anyone still remember Mr.XY last year? (Archived)GatedSunOne55/30 11:19AM
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Pokemon Emerald Delta (Archived)
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Hoozah123445/30 11:10AM
Do you still remember Isshu and its Pokemon? (Archived)OrangeCrush98045/30 11:03AM
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Takaoldaria215/30 10:33AM
Gen 4 to Gen 5, Which version should I transfer to? (Archived)schweedubz45/30 10:27AM
First Shiny!!! (Archived)
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chrisp1200115/30 10:24AM